Sunday, August 30, 2009


Have officially moved my blog to wordpress!!!

Need a new skin to brighten up my life & blogger has been giving me too much problem. =)

Please add this URL to your Favourites from now on.

I love the clean look in the new blog!

There won't be a tag board but you can leave me a comment ya...

Continue to follow me if you have always been...... Haha.

Love all,

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


.:: Mood ::. Settled

We have finally settled everything.

I will move forward.

Things will only get better!!!

Wish me luck and happiness k?


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Friday, August 14, 2009


.:: Mood ::. .........

Life goes on.

Always remember so importantly..

Never take anyone for granted for when you realised it, its too late!

Never take one for a fool and think that hidding what's meant to be said is the best way out! WRONG!

Never make any promises when you have no intention of fulfilling it. Promises are meant to be kept, not broken!

Never neglect the person you love so dearly and think that everything is alright.

Never make your loved one hurt when they have done so much for you.

Never ever think that the one beside you will be there for you forever! ! !

Dont think that by saying sorry will make ends meet. Things will never be the same again.

How many chances were given?

How many times of heart to heart talk were made?

How much tears were shed?

To date, nothing changed and it got from bad to worst!

Everything said was just some noise that pass by your ears. Now you wanna hear also don't have already.

Because what's meant to be said and done were discussed many times.

It's really over.


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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


.:: Mood ::. Disappointed

Trust no one but yourself.

Had enough.

It's over.


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Sunday, August 02, 2009


.:: Mood ::. Hmmm

Some thing happened to blogger. I can't seem to see all the buttons for editing.

Where the hell did they go?

Anyway, I just attended Jean & Chee Keong (CK)'s ROM today at Botanic Garden, Halia Restaurant.

Nice ambience and food but the management there sucks.

Jie Meis, Me and some Xiong Dis were there at 9.30am to decorate the look-so-boring room!

With our magic hands, the place became vibrant and romantic! Of cause not to forget the bride & groom made lots of effort doing the planning and running around Spore finding all the little little things to make it a success.

Would really love to load the pictures here but the loader seem to have problems too!


Anw hope Aug will be a better month in all aspect!

Love all,

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Saturday, August 01, 2009


.:: Mood ::. THE END



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Monday, July 20, 2009


.:: Mood ::. Back!

I is gone and back from BKK over the weekend.

A great break and had fun shopping and shopping.... Haha.

It's a birthday trip for BF and Milly!

Yet, BF stayed in the hotel most of the time cause his never-fail-to-spoil-mood leg chose to go on riot!

He was limping around. =(

But overall he at least managed to do the basics like massage, eat the nice BBQ restaurant, go Chinatown & etc.

Now, I have to go koonz. Tomorrow is a start for a brand new week once again!

Photos coming up!


Here's wishing my dearest BF a belated Happy Birthday here on 18 July... Wish to spend many more birthdays with him and hope he can continue HUAT HUAT every single day. MUACKSSSSSS!!!!!!!! =D


Wishing my precious friend aka Partners in Crime a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!
May you be happy and always so gorgeous in your very own way....... Huggies!


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Sunday, July 12, 2009


.:: Mood ::. Tired

A week has passed by again!

Happy and sad at the same time.

Sad that I am diagnose with osteophytic lipping (aka GU CHI - small osseous excrescence or outgrowth on bone) and signs of bone hardening. =(

Which is why I had the back pain! Today the pain kind of came back..... Argh.

Tomorrow I am visiting Mount Elisabeth Hospital to see what can be done to it.

My company doctor recommends me to go for physiotherapy to avoid future discomfort especially during my old age! *big sigh*

I don't know why but it seems like my life is filled with so many ups and downs.

Sad issues aside, I had a great week..

Thursday night was company event at St James, Mono.

Had many different kind of boozes till I got so high and happy.

Brought home a few bruises which apparently I had no idea how I got them! :x

Everyone started drinking like no body's business as it was free flow!

And all the closet guys came out.


I was having a hangover on Friday thus requested for a non-alcohol date with Wendi & Daniel. In the end we chilled out @ Bishan Park. Nice cooling environment. =) A pity the top shell tasted awful.

Saturday was work and then BBQ at Changi Beach with cousins!!!!!

And today, I finally rebonded my hair.... =D My hair is thinning till I am worried sick! Hope it wil reduce the thinning since I am gg to stop using my straightener everyday.

The post will continue...................... Now I can hardly open my eyes.

Good night world.

4days to BKK trip.......................


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Tuesday, July 07, 2009


.:: Mood ::. Yawning~

Buffet is never something I fancy cause I hate making myself feel so bloated after a great meal.

I always believe in eating 70-80% full.

However, eating Japanese buffet always sound so good cause BF can indulge in his salmon sashimi. =)

Before I get to know BF, he was never a jap food lover! I am proud to introduce him to so many different kind of food. He used to be afraid of wasabi. Now... What is wasabi to him? He put more then I do now! *shrudders*

Today I was in a good mood and thus gave BF a treat at Akira Japanese Restaurant @ Tiong Bahru (Link Hotel) where we indulge in the ala carte buffet! (As BF has to rush off for his mahjong session, we dint manage to enjoy the yummies slowly.... Pout.)

The cause of my good mood?

Boss emailed Skye and me saying that even though we are in the company for 2 months only, he love our working attitude and got Big Boss's approval to give us our quarterly bonus!!!!!!!!

I am so happy. Cause to me... We are still on probation and dare not expect too much. Thus I have to prove myself to my boss that I am worth all his effort.

Loving my job even more now!

And I can't wait till I fly off to BKK again.....

This time I am going with BF, Milly & Jasper. It's more of a birthday trip for BF and Milly.

Counting down!

9 more dayssssssss.................................................

P/S: Cum to think of it, I have yet to finish blogging my previous BKK trip. *oops*

P/P/S: I finally figure out how to add Twitter on my blog. Yay.


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Monday, July 06, 2009


.:: Mood ::. ^^

You know when one grows older, memories of the past will be forgotten eventually.

And.... Some memories are brought back when my dear friends wrote this in FB. It sures bring back fond memories!

u were always there for me during the bad times. I will always rmb ur advices..
thk u girl.. =) ♥ ♥ ♥

(1) Hair extensions
(2) Pretty manicure
(4) burp after meals
(5) use her lashes during morn briefing but would put them up within a min!
(6) super pretty babe
(7) welli nice to me when we were working together
(8) my lunch kaki
(9) tear easily (i was trying to hold my tears and suddenly i looked across and saw val val tearing...haha u rmbed?)
(10) wonderful senior who would always look after me
(11) her laughter can ROLL (LOLL!!)

every little thing abt val makes her lovely! ;)

Jul Jul
I remember catching the tearjerker "P.S I Love You" with my sweetest hubby last year and we both cried buckets! Left the cinema with tears-soaked pieces of tissue paper! LOL!

P.S. I love you, hubby! Muacks! =)

so many fond memories, memorable moments, felt as if you are my Bf at times and definitely my partner in crime. My fav clubbing kahki !

luckily you and ada were there during the eds days. if not, i got no people to terrorize!!

Hey Gal! Miss those dancing days with you yeah...

your funny laughter!!! ~ amused me....

our primary school days when we played block catching at our grandparents amk house! =D

And these was my reply to them...

Jacc: I am glad to be there for u! Jus hope to see u happy and keep smiling... Cos when u dun smile u look damn fierce! HAHA.

Zhenzhen: OMG! I am so touched. My Silly Sweetie Dearie! Muacks.

Jul: Yes I love my wifey!!!!! That was one sad show... I still rem my fake lashes all drop off cos of the massive crying. Haha!!!

Milly: U sure rock my world ! Without you, life wouldn't have been this fun. *wink*

Ed: Yea right... For u to terrorize lo! And sure I miss those EDS days....

Ben: Gosh I almost forgot we used to go clubbing with Dom, U and Milly! Fun... Flaming Lamborghini~~~~

Phyllis: Hahahahahahahahaha~~~~~~

Karin: Childhood memories sia.... I dun think i can run like how i used to run up and down the blocks!!!! SHAG~

I appreciate every person who has step into my life once... And hope that the friendship will grow stronger day by day!

Miss y'all !



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Sunday, July 05, 2009


.:: Mood ::. Fruitful

It's a fruitful Sunday!

Did so many things with my dear Jean today.

And ya... The person that is getting married is my dearie Jean!!!!


Since her hubby-to-be, Chee Keong is in Switzerland now, I being her bestie have accompanied her accomplised a number of things today. =)

1. Signed her wedding gown package with "My Dream Wedding". I must say they have really nice gowns!

2. Booked her wedding lunch at Noble House. They have nice food and environment is good. The place where Spencer held his wedding.

3. Bought herself a pair of heels for her actual day at Takashimaya

4. Bought the Ang Bao box and Ring Pillow

5. Found herself the perfect ring she fancy and will be bringing Chee Keong to buy when he returns to Spore.

It was such a fulfilling day. I like!

The sales person I met all keep asking me when is my turn to get married!!!! -.-"


Till my day come.............


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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


.:: Mood ::. SHAG

Half of Year 2009 is gone! What achievements have you done for yourself till date?

Go read your resolutions and do a review ya.


I managed to change to a challenging job which makes me laugh till I go crazy and at the same time stress till I feel so high. Haha.

I almost thought I would faint at work.

Was so tired trying my very very best to run the numbers!

Squeeze here squeeze there.

Error here error there.

I super sotong this month!

Felt like killing myself of all the silly mistakes I made!


I must say, the month has been one of the shittiest month ever.

Whatever I do, there seems to be something wrong!

Almost went bonkers.


They rock. ^^

Without them, I wouldn't have been able to hit 90% of my target this month.

Nonetheless, I successfully survive the storm and here I am ready to run for the figures in JULY!!!!!!!!

Wooo Hooooo~~~~

Here I come!


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Monday, June 29, 2009


.:: Mood ::. Yawn

You know what?

It's the end of the month once again!

This month was full of downs and downs for me.

So much tears flowed out..

Because ?

...Of the sad episodes in BBF.
...I realised I can pretend to be strong no more.
...I am facing difficulties here and there.

Let's hope JULY will be a better month!

One good news. One of my bestie is getting married!!!!

Guess who is it?

To be revealed soon. ;)


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Sunday, June 28, 2009


.:: Mood ::. Woohoo...

For the past one week, I have been going out almost every single day. And drank alcohol almost everyday!

Mon - Timbre with Jacc. Drank Erninger Beer.
Tue - Paulaner with Jean. Drank White Wine.
Wed - Clubbing @ Zouk with Milly, Weny, Winnie, Lanxia & Erik. Drank shooters.
Thur - Steamboat @ CWP with Cousins to celebrate Shimin's Birthday
Fri - Red Ants Pub & Sabai Sabai with Milly, Jasper, Wendi and Daniel. Drank Beer.
Sat - Prawning with BF, Milly, Jasper, Wendi and Daniel. (Milly's dogs & Daniel's daughter was there too). Drank Beer again.
Sun - Today.... I stayed home to rest. Watch TV whole day with BF!

Thou I seem to be having loads of fun for the past week. I was having a lot of mental stress!

Was having a little problem at work..... Somehow, my luck was a little down. Trying my best to hit my target!

Was also in a trauma in my heart. Sigh.

I hope I will find the answer to myself soon.

Need to search hard on finding my happiness!

Anyway, here's some pics taken on Wednesday at Zouk using Weny's camera.
It was a fun night thou we weren't high at all !
Everyone had to take their temperature before entering the club. It's all about H1N1 now.

The beautiful lights in Mambo Jambo!

Milly & Me

Me, Milly, Winnie, Weny & Erik

Happy Milly & Winnie

The Jagerbomb drink. Redbull which makes us hyperactive all night long. =)

Cheers to......

Erik was called a Loser for drinking FLAMING Lamborghini without FLAME! :x


Lanxia was called LOSER too! She cant drink... A little bit makes her drunk!

Haven been to Mambo for ages and that night was fun. Can't wait for more.

Now, I hope the coming month will be better than this month...


And I must say, Thanks to all who cares for me.

I will find my answer soon. Give me more time.


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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


.:: Mood ::. Decided

You know there's a saying, "You don't love yourself, who will?"

So I shall learn to love myself even more!

Recently bought quite a bit of supplements to protect my weak body.


These are the medicines and supplements I was having in one morning. O.O

Also bought Anlene yogurt and milk to drink to strengthen my bone.

Got a box cornflakes and muesli for breakfast too.

I am in a healthy regime.


Need to build up my health. Can't be falling sick every now and than.

Anyway, if you are wondering how's my back.. I am feeling a lot better after the medication doctor gave me.

Now can run can jump le! Hee.

I want to be healthy and happy.


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Sunday, June 21, 2009


.:: Mood::. Up & Down


I finished watching Boys Before Flowers. Yay.

They are all so cool, so fantasy-like, so yandao and so rich in the show.

I felt as thou I just came back to reality after finishing the 25 Episodes.

What I love most is... Ji Hoo, being Jan Di's firefighter!

He's one cutie... Who melts my heart!

It's just miracle that someone can always be there for you when you are lost or down.

I want a soul mate too. =)

Tml is the last week of the month.... Please bless me with more good quality leads. I promise to be good and work extra hard !

I finally decided to blog the 3rd Day of my BKK trip. I am sorry for my laziness. :x

We started the morning with the great breakfast. I am missing the hotcakes as I type this entry! Grr.


Went straight to the Tailors where Alek recommended us. It cost 5000baht for the suit and skirt. We felt tt we got KE TOK!


Next we headed to the streets opposite MBK for Manicure and Pedicure while Bryan went to roam around the shopping malls. I think the girls did a lousy job and took a long time for it. Plus the cost of it wasn't that cheap thou I cant remember the exact pricing!

This was done after sitting there for at least 3hours? Gosh. I miss my gel nails!!!

After a long session of sitting and feeling grumpy, we decided to head to MBK for some retail therapy! Got myself some daily necessity, bottoms and this cute teddy bear chain.

Love it..

Bryan came to us around 4+pm and we head to Chinatown.

We had the famous Nan Xing Shark Fins and some other great dishes for dinner.


Shop around Chinatown and finally decided to take a rest at one of the hotel. Jean was feeling unwell and bought a Liang-Teh. The moment she drank it, she exclaims, "Girl, I feel better already! Not sure if its bcos I XING LI ZUO YONG!" Haha.

The miracle herbal tea.

Up next was massage at The King and I at Sukumvit. I felt that their standard drop quite a bit! Kind of disappointed.

No photos here. ;p

Then home sweet home to the hotel !

Here's my loots for the day.

Not a lot. Cause I control...

I love this pair of heels. ^^ So princessy!

The night ended with a good night sleep.

Till then the next entry for my 4th day of BKK trip......

P/S: I just want to be happy. That's not very difficult right?

Love all,

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Friday, June 19, 2009


.:: Mood ::. Bored

I am worried.

Need to work extra hard yet my body is resisting.

For the past few days, it has been a roller coaster.

Forgot to give customer sign doc, forget to give Giro form, lock myself out of the com again, hurt my back & etc....

Something is really going very wrong with me!

Please help .......

Bless me pls,

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


.:: Mood ::. Pain

In pain. =(

I sprained my back again. The exact same pain I had back in 2004....

The sharp pain that cause me to sit also pain, turn also pain, stand also pain.

It always happen so suddenly I don't even have time to react.

I was just going to stand up and next moment I felt a sharp pain on the back.

Thought it was just a slight twist, turn out to be in terrible pain at work.

Felt giddy, cold and wanted to cry....

I hate this feeling.

Why am I so vulnerable?

Keep falling sick or getting hurt.

My colleague, Peter was nice enough to drive me to a acupuncture doctor at Marsiling.

The doc is real good, after a few painful poke of the needle on the back I felt better instantly.

However, after I got home the pain started to resume.

I still feel pain as I move myself now.

Just hope I can recover fast!


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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


.:: Mood ::. Pray

Praying for more Lambda!

Lambda = Luck

Give me more!

Come on......


P/S: This month is slow... Please give me more leads.


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Monday, June 15, 2009


.:: Mood ::. Blissed

Never felt happier when someone is in love.

I saw the happiness in Esther & Silas tonight at their wedding!

I want to be happy always too!


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Sunday, June 14, 2009


.:: Mood ::. Beamy

SO much to blog about yet so little time!

On a Saturday, I did the following.

Wake up, Work, Eat, Sleep, Shop, Eat Watch movie!

I enjoy this kind of routine.

Had a lot of fun last night with great companies, Amanda, Lisa & Anu at O Bar.


It's been a long time we 4 met up and club (cos Amanda was pregnant for 9 months so no alcohol for her) !

Now that little Kayden is out into the world, Amanda can start to enjoy life once again!

The top he is wearing is from me, bought it in Thailand.. Hee.

And I said to her, "Gong Xi Ni... Ke Yi Chong Chu Jiang Hu!" =)

I just want to wish Anu a Happy Birthday and be happy always.


Anu order two bottles of Bombay Sampire! We mixed it with Red Bull and I was full of energy filled with happiness all night long.

Than it was camwhore time!

Amanda, Lisa & me

Toilet also can!

Lisa and I

Happy moments.....

When is our next outing ah? So looking forward.

On a side note, I fell in love with this Baby Eeyore that's sitting on the back seat of Melvyn's car. Cute.


Gotta turn in for the night. Man, it's 3.42am.

Night Night,

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Thursday, June 11, 2009


.:: Mood ::. Cool


Watched a cool show with BF today. "The Taking of Pelham 123".

Story plot not bad. Suspension.

But could have had a better ending. =)

3 & 1/2 Popcorns out of 5.

Tomorrow is Ah Keong's birthday so BF is happily celebrating his bdae with him at Boat Quay now while I be a good gal and stay home.

Actually is because I need to conserve energy. . . . :x

Tomorrow night is my turn to say birthday wishes to my dear friend Anu @ O Bar and to sweetie Vivien @ St James.

As much as I want to stay away from alcohol, I just seem to get nearer to them!


Good night peeps.

P/S: BF finally fixed an AIRCON in his room! Yay!! No more waking up in the middle of the night sweating away when the fan is not blowing at me. *thumbs up*


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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


.:: Mood ::. Frustrated & Happy

It wasn't a smooth day at work today.

Make calls out, either customer not free or no answer.

Got my new stamp but they encrypted Skye's mobile no for mine. -.-"

Checked my loan application status and a number was rejected.

What a day for work...

Regardless of the moody me, I bring myself together and met Gret and Ada at Bugis Junction!

It is Gret's Birthday today. Wee~~~



We surprised her with a bouquet of flowers, which was sent to her work place. =D

Had dinner at Seafood Harvest which tasted bad.. BAD!!!

Aftermath was shopping and shopping since Gret has some birthday discounts here and there. . Hee. I took advantage of the situation and got myself a nice white Charles and Keith bag.

Gret got herself a pair of shoes from BHG. Ada bought a black eyeliner.

We all have some goodies brought home. Great.

Chilling at TCC was next.

Chatted as usual. Wanted to get Gret a cake but she says No cause she has been eating cakes for the past 2 days so we spared her the agony...

Photos coming up... Now it's 1+am and I dun have any energy to edit pics le.

Anw... As we were chatting, we decided we should have a really short-get-away since our last trip was to KL a few years ago. Bintan?

Let's see how it goes!

Overall my day was up and down.


Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!


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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


.:: Mood ::. Sigh

Wonder why is there no intiative taken!

Taken for granted again.


Am I not that precious to you to be well taken care of?

Do I always have to spell it out before I get what I want.


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Monday, June 08, 2009


.:: Mood ::. Not a good day

Ain't a great day to start for a week.

Have been going to the loo non-stop the whole day....

I at least LS for 6 times till now. :(..

Think my tummy is calling for help after I consecutively abuse it with oily food, alcohol and all my comfort food. Damn.

I suspect I am having gastric flu.

Have been burping non-stop everyday. My colleagues have already gotten used to it la!


Went for my facial, Foot Spa, Mani and Pedicure after work at True Spa.

The facial process was the worst! I had so much pain now my face is having swollen spots here and there.

Think the beautician thought my face was made of stone. Use so much strength. Kaoz!

Tears roll out whenever she touches my faces! Ouch.

But I am happy with my foot spa, mani and pedi... The manicurist are very attentive. Love it.

I ended my day with roti prata and a little bit of Indian rojak.

Now u know why I am still having diarrhea...



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Saturday, June 06, 2009


.:: Mood ::. Burp

Last night was fun except the getting drunk part.

I hate hard liqueurs. Grr.

It never fail to give me sudden attack of puking.

BF exclaims, "If you are going to get drunk again, I will hang you outside St James like how Jesus was crucified !"


Had a bad hangover this morning at work.

Totally had this feeling of puking onto my customer as I talk to them! :x


Worst thing to happen... Luckily I managed to get a hold of myself and pretended I was perfectly fine.

And I came home, had a good 3 hours of sleep. Woke up in hunger.

BF had to leave me home cause he promised his friends for a mahjong session. Pout.

Stayed home all the way on a Saturday night.

Very unusual for me.

Found a new love during my stay at home!



The Korean version of the famous F4 Meteor Gardens.

Pretty boys filled the screen and I just go awe.

Was watching it on Channel U and I decided to watch it online... Greatness.



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Monday, June 01, 2009


.:: Mood ::. Tired and Beamy

Had a ME day once again.

Monday always makes a good ME day cause BF will be busy with work and frens will most prob be having their Monday blues. Haha.

Finally I managed to find time for eyebrow threading. My brows are way out of shape. Now they look so much neater. And.. I signed an additonal 10sessions with them which came with a free upper lip threading and a 50% off 1 additonal brows threading at 107bucks.

I even bought the eye lash strengthener at 36bucks. Ah. I cant stop my craving from spending money. Shit de.

After that was shopping at Metro Paragon and I bought myself an Ettusais concealer which Jean recommended. Hope its really good. Conceal conceal.

Then I walked to Takashimaya to booked my facial with True Spa. When was my last visit?

Damn I cant remember.

They are really so popular lo. Wanted to book my slot on the weekend but apparantly Sat and Sun are all full. Pissed.

In the end I chose a Monday. Hopefully I dun have any last minute meetings! *keeping my fingers crossed*

After that I walked to Watsons and got some daily necessity.

Had my so-called dinner at 9+pm....... A prata with a cheese sausage! Yum.

Took the train home and I am so tired now.

Tomorrow will be meeting Phyllis, Jean, Jeff and Lina for dinner and drinks at Vivocity's Brotzeit. Yippy.

Shall share some pics taken last week.

26 May 09

Meet up with Amanda, Lisa and Kierra. Nice gathering up again. Chat and chat and chat... Bitch and bitch and bitch.... Hoho.

Happy us.

The long lost frens....

29 May 09

What we did was mentioned in my previous post so I share not repeat myself. =)

At Milly's shop after dinner.... Gals jus love dolling up!

A beer at Ice Cold Beer makes the night a start for me and an end for Jean and Phyllis. Pout.

Guess who we saw?

Esther, my SIM mate. =)

She was pre-celebrating her bdae with frens and Andrew was there too.


31 May 09

Dinner at Jelapeno's Pepper. Nice company. *giggles*






Yawning non-stop now.

Sweet drms,

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Sunday, May 31, 2009


.:: Mood ::. Zero

It's a brand new month once again.

Starting from zero tomorrow.

And it's gonna be a busy month with higher targets.


Loving my life even more now.

The weekend has been great since Friday!!!!

I shopped at the Club 21 Bazaar sale for consecutively 2 days!

Friday with Melvyn and Sky. Got myself a gorgeous pair of CK heels at 50bucks and 2 different Armani Exchange tops at 30bucks each.

Saturday with Jean and Phyllis. Spend 100bucks for a DKNY wind breaker (in preparation for my Japan trip this year end) and 2 long sleeves for BF (1 CK black long sleeve at 30bucks and 1 Grey AX long sleeve at 30bucks).

All great buys!

Shopaholic, I am.

Dinner with the girls, Milly, Phyllis, Jean and Jacc at Far East Plaza Nana Thai on Friday. Good food and company means happy chatty us! We all make happy BFF.

Boozing at Ice Cold beer came next. Erninger is the fav beer for all of us. Used to be Hoe Garden than Heineken. Ppl change and so does our taste for drinks.

I think I still prefer the light one after having the Erninger dark. ^^

The night continues with Milly and Jacc at Boiler.

Saw a fren, Ben, haven seen him in eons. Had fun and as always great music makes me high!

After a good 5hours ++ of sleep. Saturday morning was work. Den shopping.

Dinner was in JB with Milly, Jasper and BF.

Stuck in the jam for a good 2hours. Can die!

BF: "Don't ever ask me to go JB on a Saturday anymore!!!!"

Me: *laughing*

BF: "You know what's the worst thing about driving our car when there's a jam?"

Me: "What?"

BF: "Our car is a manual car not AUTO la!"


He's such a poor thing. His legs were goddamn tired after the ride.

Those who drive will know what I mean.

And it was a relieve to finally reach the shop where good food was the only consolation!

Super full after having the yummilicious crayfish, crabs, veges, orh lua, yam ring and curry fish head. *burp x 10*

It's hard to find a shop with so many good dishes and yet so cheap. Bless us all !

Massage was the best thing that can happen after such a great meal.

Leg massage for 40mins and back massage for 30mins. *thumps up*

I fell asleep during the leg massage. Greatness.

It just prove how tired I was.

Reached home at 2+am. Concuss. ZzzZZZzzzzz.....

Today I only woke up at 3pm. Shiok!

Dinner with Ada, Gret and Ben at Singapore Flyer's Jalapeno's Pepper. Nice ambiance. Food was nice too. Best thing is one for one for a main course. Yeah.

Chill out was at Boat Quay TCC. The bean bags made us lazy.

Meet ups with them is always laughing and giggling.

I must also Congratulate Ben... He's getting married next year Jun! Happiness for u.

A brand new month equates to a brand new goal.

Bless everyone out there to be happy every single day.

Nights all.


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Thursday, May 28, 2009


.:: Mood ::. Grinning!


It's great being able to hit what I wanted after so many months of slacking in my prev job.

I feel good .... La La La La La!

Next month will be double the target and I will have to work doubly hard.

The feeling of chionging ahead is shiok!

Pics from the cycling trip with BF, Milly, Jasper, Toto & DD!!!!!!

Ah ku took a cab down to BF's place and took his car to ECP. While we were on the way, BF suggested for Katong Laksa. Yum!


It's been damn long I ate it. So off we head to the delicious laksa store... Milly, Jasper, Toto & DD joined us shortly.

Took a break and off we went to ECP for some good cycling!

Isn't she adorable?

DD and Me in the car to ECP!

Milly and Toto...

We took a while to settle down with Toto & DD cause the basket was kinda small for DD! She fell off the bike when Milly started cycling. Scare the hell out of Milly! Ke Lian de DD!!!!

So in the end, Toto & DD shared the same big basket on Jasper's bike.

That's us!

Jasper with Toto! DD looking blur...

Milly and DD...

I have always enjoyed the wind brushing against my face. Simply great.

BF was feeling real tired from the cycling. I really need to make him exercise more!


It's his health that I am concern about.

Then it was a break at the Bedok Jetty. And also mean mum mum time for the doggies....

Toto getting eager on the Xiao Man Tou!

Me relaxing as the wind blow against me...

BF fed them too.... All happy and jumping around!

Awww.... DD enjoying the good cushion on BF! :x

Its fun to have some additional attention on the 2 dogs!

After 1 hr plus of cycling... We headed back and ate Macdonalds for dinner.

Ya... We ate back what we burnt. Haha.

DD has a habit of lying flat on the floor when she doesnt want to walk and she will end up looking like this!!!!

Kawaii Ne.... Does she look like a mop? Hurhur.

That's the both of them on the slides... ^^

More of such healthy weekends please.

Night all,

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